Adarsh Enterprises has a product range spanning the diverse segments as listed below
Valuable Products
Compensator of all Looms Heddle Belts of all Looms Synthetic Fillets for all Looms
Herald Wire of all types of Looms like - Lohia, GCL, Cirwid, Starlinger, etc.
Cast PU Spares
Ropel Pulley (CAM Roller) Shuttle Wheel Conchoid Roller
Stopper Roller Track Roller (Langing Loom) Push Wheel GCL
Bandage Support Wheel Shuttle Wheel GCL
Aluminum Spares 
Jockey Lever Shuttle Body of Looms Guide Roller for all Looms
Drive Frame (Pusher Block) Magnetic Plate Weaving Ring (Aluminium)
Plastic Spares of Looms
obbin Disk Assembly (35mm dia & 38mm dia) Deflecting Pulley (All Types) HSD Arm for HDN 4&6, LSL 4&6
All Small Spares of Nylon Link Boom Holder, Connecting Rods, Break Bearing
Axle of all kinds in EN-9 Material & Hard and Grind Reed Roller
Bobbin Holder for all Looms Main Shaft for all Looms
Research & Development 
Conversing Kit of Bearing Block for Lohia Looms Counter Pulley Assembly for Lohia Looms High Shuttle Skid Ford HDN-6 & LSL-620