About Us

Welcome to Adarsh Enterprises
We take privilege to introduce ourselves as one of the pioneers in the Indian Manufacturer-Exporter of “Adarsh” brand Grommet Band / Heddle Belts and Loom Spares for GCL, Starlinger and Lohia HDPE/PP Bag manufacturing Woven Sack Circular Looms.We at Adarsh have always endeavoured to keep pace with the evolving technologies and produce high quality spares to the industry leaders. The efficiency of a spare can make or break you in the industry. That is where we step in with high quality and high precision spares.

Our Replacement Policy

ADARSH offers complete replacement of all Grommet Band/Heddle Belts required for Lohia, Starlinger and various other International and Indian Circular Looms. Ths apres developed by us are the perfect replacement to the original parts ensuring better performance and quality.

Infrastructure - State of Art

The company has always tried and maintained stringent production quality controls and in its quest to cater only consistent quality products, have created a set of highly specialized and approved vendors for various raw materials, both indigenous & imported and are routinely tested in our well-equipped Laboratory. The company is continuously upgrading the quality of the manufactured spares and Grommet Bands. In our endeavour fir quality consistent high performace products, we have created an indigenious manufacturing process based on extensive research and experience. The selection of raw materials, process, mold designs, equipment, all has led to high performace at an econimic price. Al manufacturing process are manned by highly qualified, experienced and innovative staff minutely looking after each and every aspect of operation . All aluminium compnents like Bearing Block, Shuttle Body are pressure die-casted in special LM6 Grade material having perfect contours , dimensional accuracy, structural stability and high precisions. The polypropylene and Glass-filled Nylon based molded products, like Levers, Chonchoid Roller, Insertion Finger Holder, Creel Assembly, Brake etc. are being produced on Advanced Injection Moulding Machines using specially developed molds assuring accurate sizes and compactness. he products have high dynamic properties, resilence, high abrasion resistance, imprevious to oil, ozone and heat, assuring long life. Though consistent strides in research and development, Our Grommet Bands coated with polyurethane without fabrillation, reinforced with uni-axially oriented Nylon Sheet for high yensile strength, anti static, high col-efficient of friction. These are precision-cut with Single Stroke Hydraulic System and riveted with hardened spring steel eyelets. For better performance and to avoid shrinkage, these are vacuum-sealed. As such, ADARSH is enjoying near monopoly in india and a mjot market share abroad. Since , we are a part of ADARSH Group manufacturing high quality Nylon Transmission Belting, all types of Maxi drag, Fillet-Emery/Roller Covering, Printing Belts, Tape Line Goddet Belts, Cheese Winder Belts etc. are being manufactured assuring excellent performance , durability and quality. As we are arduously updating our range of various spares, It can be assured that most of the parts are required for Alpha6, Omega6, SL4, SL6, sL61, SL62, sL8, SL82, Leno2, SLL4, HDN4, HDN6, HDN8, HDE4, LSL4, LSL6, LSL61, LSL62, LSL8, LSL10, LS-HDN4, LS-CS4, LS-FS4 etc. are within in our manufacturing range.

Quality Measures

This is the watchworld gujiding our activities. Continued development work and intensive research in addition to exclusive knowledge of our various products are systematically put into practice. An optium Quality Asurance System ane the use of innovative production facilities guarantee a constant standard of products. To ensure, we have set up a well equipped modern Lab to check incoming raw materials, goods-in-process and finished goods at every stage of production.


Our products are of International Standard and applications. WE can asure that ADARSH spares are an ideal replacement of OEM Parts. At present, we are catering more than 90% of the replacement market in India and exporting to more than 85 counteries including CHINA.

Stock & Delivery

In order to meet with your requirement promptly, we have enough stocks and would be able to cater to your needs within a reasonable time frame. We solicit your inquiries , which shall have our prompt attention.


The refrence nos. mentioned in our product catalogue are not in consoonance with the technical specifications of the original parts and merely intennded to offer replacement of worn-out parts in the looms. The reference nos. are mentioned only on the requested of the customers to facilitate and help them to identify the equivalent proper fittings in their looms and in no way to infringe upon any established name, brand, title, goodwill, copyright, intellectual property, whatsoever.